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Singapore Courier

"If you want to send something to Singapore, you need to find a reliable, fast, and cost-effective shipping company! Yunda Express Johor Bahru is your best choice! Because for sending parcels to Singapore, the additional weight only costs RM 5.5 / 0.5KG!

Whether you're an e-commerce business needing to send orders to Singapore or an individual sending items to relatives or friends in Singapore, we've got you covered! And it's not just about sending to Singapore; if you need to send from Singapore to Malaysia, we can handle that too."


【Why Choose Yunda Express Johor Bahru?】

1. Location Advantage:
Our warehouse is located in Johor Bahru, very close to the Singapore border. We make 3-4 round trips to Singapore every week without any hassle.

2. Door-to-Door Pickup:
We offer doorstep pickup services in the Johor Bahru area, allowing you to send your parcels without leaving your home.

3. Repackaging, Consolidation, and Shipping to Singapore:
This is our exclusive service. If you need to send a variety of items to Singapore, we can repackage them together to save on shipping costs.

4. Parcel Collection & Forwarding to Singapore:
If you're a Malaysian working in Singapore, our warehouse can collect your parcels. Once all your orders are accumulated, we'll package them into one shipment and send them to you at once!


【Shipping from Malaysia to Singapore Must take note!】

1. Documents and Information Required:
Commercial Invoice and Packing List
You need to fill out the form with the following details: item names, quantity, weight, total value of items, and sender and recipient information. 
*This form must be filled truthfully as it will be submitted to Singapore customs.*

2. Common items permissible for mailing to Singapore include:
Food (homemade or commercially packed), Cosmetics and skincare products, Health supplements, Clothing (clothes, shoes, hats, belts, etc.), Books, Decorative items,  Daily necessities, Liquids (not exceeding 1 litre), Medications (with doctor's certificate or pharmacy receipt)

3. Items generally prohibited from mailing to Singapore include:
Flammable and explosive materials, Currency Note, Identification documents (IDs, passports, driving licenses), Bank cards, Plants, Animals,  Weapons, Jewelry (gold and silver), Pirated CDs, Ashes, Poison, Adult products, Perishable food items, Chewing gum, Meat products, Seafood, Eggs, Gas cylinders

4. Regarding Singapore GST:
As long as the value of the goods does not exceed RM 1000, the sender does not need to prepay Singapore's 9% GST. However, if the value exceeds RM 1000, the sender will need to pay 9% GST along with a customs declaration fee of RM 130.


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