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Air Freight

Why You Should Choose Our Air Freight Service?
Yunda air freight services are suitable for the majority of users, as air freight not only ensures fast delivery but also guarantees the safety of goods. Our transportation services are not limited to shipping from China to Malaysia; but also cover many other countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, the United States and more.

With over 10 years of experience in transportation and international forwarding, we are already very familiar with its operational procedures. Therefore, we can efficiently handle tasks such as packaging, container loading, customs declaration, clearance, and delivery. We can provide you with a satisfying forwarding experience, so you can confidently source goods from overseas and await their delivery with peace of mind.

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Benefit of Using Air Freight
► Speedy delivery
► Reliable delivery schedules
► Global connectivity
► Reduced risk of delays
► Efficient handling of procedures


Just 3 Simple Steps To Start Using Our Air Freight Service!

1. Contact us for register the marking.

2. Inform your supplier to stick the marking on your goods' packing and send to our warehouse.

3. We will confirm the marking and arrange the delivery to the specific address.


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