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Hong Kong Importation

Why Choose Yunda Express JHB?
We have warehouse in both China and Hong Kong ensures comprehensive services for receiving and storing your goods securely. When it's time to arrange shipment of your goods, we also handle both inbound and outbound customs clearance procedures for you, alleviating any concerns regarding logistics.

For more than 10 years, we've been immersed in the logistics and courier industry, gaining deep familiarity with procedures and requirements. This enables us to adeptly manage packaging tasks such as loading goods, customs declaration, customs clearance, and delivery procedures.

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Advantage of Using Hong Kong Importation Service

  • Stable punctuality
  • Two-way customs clearance
  • In-house warehouse
  • Customer service contact with 1 on 1
Available Product To Import


Branded Handbags / Brand-name Watches / Anime Figures / Electronic Goods


3 Simple Steps To Start Using Hong Kong Importation Service

1. Contact us for register the marking.

2. Inform your supplier to stick the marking on your goods' packing and send to our warehouse.

3. We will confirm the marking and arrange the delivery to the specific address


"If payment issues happen, What should I do?"


We not only offer professional courier services but also provide payment and invoicing services. We can assist you in making payments to manufacturers in Hong Kong and generating invoices for your accounting purposes in Malaysia.

If you need invoicing or payment assistance for Hong Kong manufacturers, contact us now!

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