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Thailand Importation

Why Use Yunda JHB Thailand Importation Service?

With over a decade of experience in logistics and courier services, we possess comprehensive knowledge of procedures and requirements, enabling us to effectively manage various packaging tasks such as loading goods, customs declaration, clearance, and delivery processes.

Our land shipping service is very simple. The resellers or business users simply need to communicate with suppliers online or place orders through Thailand's online shopping platforms.

We offer hotel packing services, where we assist in packing and delivering goods to the warehouse. Users only need to provide the hotel address, room number, and pick-up time. Our largest sack can accommodate 700-1000 pieces of clothing, with an average cost of only 3-5 cents per piece—a fantastic deal!

The land shipping method ensures faster delivery compared to air and sea shipping, with a typical timeframe of 5-7 days. Our dedicated customer service team provides personalized updates on shipping information promptly, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


Advantage of Using Thailand Land Shipping
  • Timeliness Stable
  • Start shipping at 0.5m³
  • Provide packing service at hotel
  • Customer service contact with 1 on 1
  • Door to Door at Malaysia

Product Import We Support:

Car accessories, clothes, make-ups and etc.

***We do support sensitive products as well!


Our Thailand road transport service is not only reliable and punctual,
but we also offer hotel pickup and packaging services!

3 Simple Steps To Start Using Our Thailand Importation Service

1. Contact us for register the marking.

2. Inform your supplier to stick the marking on your goods' packing and send to our warehouse.

3. We will confirm the marking and arrange the delivery to the specific address

Yunda Express Johor Bahru Top Sales   .

☎️ 017 877 9162 (Ms.Yong)

☎️ 017 776 6702 (Wendy)

☎️ 018 399 9129 (Dylan)