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Indonesia Importation

Why Choose Yunda Express JHB Service

Over the years, Yunda specialize in facilitating smooth and efficient transportation of goods between these two countries. With our extensive expertise and reliable network of partners, we ensure your shipments are handled with utmost care and delivered promptly. Whether you would like to garments, snacks or other commodities, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

From customs clearance to last-mile delivery, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with seamless logistics support every step of the way. Choose us for reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding services that exceed your expectations.


Why Choose Indonesia Importation


China and Indonesia are both populous countries, each with its own wholesale production lines, making them lucrative business opportunities for merchants.

And our Johor Bahru Yunda Express can assist merchants in importing goods from China to Indonesia, as well as importing goods from Indonesia to Malaysia. Of course, we can also facilitate importing goods from Malaysia to Indonesia.

Available Product To Import


Wooden Furniture / Indonesia Traditional Costum / Malay Costum / Natural Ingredient Skincare Products

Advantage Of Using Indonesia Importation

  • Stable punctuality
  • Two-way customs clearance
  • In-house warehouse
  • Customer service contact with 1 on 1

3 Simple Steps To Start Using Indonesia Importation Service

1. Contact us for register the marking.

2. Inform your supplier to stick the marking on your goods' packing and send to our warehouse.

3. We will confirm the marking and arrange the delivery to the specific address.

"If payment issues happen, What should I do?"


We not only offer professional courier services but also provide payment and invoicing services. We can assist you in making payments to manufacturers in Indonesia and generating invoices for your accounting purposes in Malaysia.

If you need invoicing or payment assistance for Indonesia manufacturers, contact us now!

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