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Fulfillment Service

What is Fulfillment Service?

This service is specifically designed to assist both overseas and local businesses in the field of cross-border e-commerce by shipping goods to target market countries. Subsequently, warehouses are established in the target countries to store the goods. These warehouses then facilitate order picking, packaging, delivery, and after-sales service processes to quickly respond to local sales orders.

For example:
If you're an overseas merchant looking to penetrate the Malaysian and Singaporean markets, besides opening physical stores locally, you can actually directly establish popular local e-commerce channels. This not only saves more manpower but also costs.

And our Fulfillment service is here to help you manage the shipping pipeline, warehousing of goods, connecting to local popular e-commerce platforms, handling orders, packaging, arranging deliveries, and ensuring satisfactory after-sales service, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Of course, if you're a local merchant, we can also help you reduce at least 50% of manpower and costs!



Yunda Express JHB Fulfilment Service

Our Fulfillment service can transform traditional international deliveries into local delivery experiences, fundamentally enhancing the timeliness, security, and accuracy of consumer deliveries, thus earning trust and providing satisfactory experiences for your business locally.

At the same time, this service greatly reduces shipping costs by consolidating dispersed international parcels for transportation, helping businesses lower shipping and logistics costs. Additionally, it simplifies and speeds up the return process, meeting the preferences of local consumers and enhancing buyer confidence in the shopping experience.

Therefore, Fulfillment service effectively addresses the long-standing challenges of international returns. One key aspect of our Yunda Express JHB is its integration with warehousing functions. This collaboration helps businesses mitigate risks associated with international trade and other potential issues, such as container shortages caused by special holidays and vacations. Essentially, this synergy enhances businesses' competitiveness in overseas markets!


Why Chossing us Yunda Express Johor Bahru?

1. Over 10 Years of International Logistics Experience:
With over 10 years of expertise in logistics and courier services, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of procedures and requirements, enabling us to efficiently manage tasks such as packaging, loading, customs declaration, clearance, and delivery on your behalf.

2. Order to Shipping Completion Within 48 Hours:
Our business and customer service teams are prompt and effective. Once the customer confirms the order, same-day shipping can be achieved.

3. Customized Shipping Solutions:
Whether your goods are food items, furniture, household appliances, or machinery, we provide the most suitable packaging and delivery solutions tailored to your cargo requirements.

4. One-Stop Service:
Yunda Express Johor Bahru offers comprehensive one-stop solutions for China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Leveraging our extensive resources, we provide seamless logistics integration, facilitating swift customs clearance, accelerated delivery, and reduced shipping costs for businesses


Malaysia Local Delivery Partners

System Supports

The local warehouse only needs to establish an ERP account, send the goods to specific warehouse, then merchant is able to sell at local with multi e-commerce platform.

Online Platforms: TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, PG Mall, Unicart, Shopify

Offline platforms: Facebook live, Wechat, Telegram, WhatsApps


Conclusion Fulfillment service


  • Lower logistic costs
  • Transform international parcels into local shipments
  • Better align with local consumer preferences
  • Enhance competitiveness of global e-commerce platforms

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